e Cigarette Brands

Choosing the Best e cigarette Brand

e cigarette brandsOne of the most important aspects to including e cigarettes as a technique in living a life without tobacco is to use a reputable e cigarette brand which has a history of quality and consistency. Many e cigarette brands offer a variety of different flavor and strength options while will definitely help if substituting an e cigarette from a traditional tobacco cigarette. When deciding between various electronic cigarette manufacturers, it is important to consider the different aspects as outlined below.

Where to find the best e cigarette brand

As e cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, their availability locally has been constantly increasing. Many pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid have started offering a small selection of e cigarette brands. Local shops such as gas stations, convenience stores and smoke shops have started to stock e cigarettes although their selections and brands are somewhat limited due to the space limitations in such stores. In my experience and research, most local stores which stock e cigarettes only carry one of two options per brand. Generally, you will find one strength option in a combination of classic tobacco and menthol. Buying e cigarettes online from a reputable brand online is a good way to select strength levels, flavor levels as well as to choose additional options which are not often available at local retail e cigarette shops.

Different e cigarette brands offer different nicotine strengths

When e cigarette first started to gain traction in the US back in 2008-2009, most e e cigarette brands only offered two flavor combination and one strength option. As the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown, most reputable online e cig manufacturers have included a variety of strength options to suit their customer’s needs. E Cigarette flavors can range in nicotine content from zero nicotine to a very high nicotine content with many options in the middle. If you are not a heavy smoker, you could choose a strength somewhere in the middle range to your liking. Most of the time, you will have to find an e cigarette brand online in order to take advantage of the different flavor options.

Most new electronic cigarette users which have purchased locally in a location such as wal-mart, are unaware that the strength options exist. Research is key and it may take a trying a few different e cigarette brands to find a strength combination that is desirable.

Flavor Choices of e Cigarettes

Some e cigarette brands offer an extremely limited selection of eliquid flavors most commonly tobacco and menthol. Reputable brands which have been a large customer base tend to offer many different flavor choices as the demand for these different eliquid flavor options have grown significantly over the past 2 to 3 years.

The key with ecigarette flavors is to go with a trusted and reputable e cigarette brand to ensure you are getting the highest quality and greatest consistency. If using an electronic cigarette in conjunction with an exercise routing and healthy eating habits to live a life without tobacco, you may find that trying different flavors can help the transition away from tobacco cigarettes easier.

List of e Cigarette Brands

Many e cigarette companies will claim to be the best. Deciding who the best e cigarette brand is will be based on many of the factors above as well as other considerations such as shipping, customer service, experience and overall customer satisfaction. Here is a list of some of the most popular and common e cigarette brands that can be found online.

  • V2 Cigs
  • My7s (Choice 7s)
  • Volcano
  • Smoketip
  • Blu
  • Gamucci
  • Pure Smoke
  • Greensmoke
  • Amerismoke
  • Appolos
  • Aqua Vapor
  • Bloog
  • Cigana
  • Cigarti
  • Cloud 9
  • Crown Lion
  • Direct
  • Premium
  • Duopro
  • E Puffer
  • e Smoke
  • Eco Cigs
  • Elektric Blue
  • eLiquid Planet
  • Eluma
  • Envy
  • Eon Smoke
  • eSmoke Club
  • EZ Smoker
  • Firelight
  • Frii
  • Greenarette
  • Green Cig
  • Halo
  • Instead
  • Lava Smoke
  • Luci
  • Lucky Slicks
  • My Freedom Smokes
  • Nic Stick
  • NJoy
  • NuCig
  • Passive Smokes
  • Prado
  • Pro Vape
  • Prosmoke
  • Red Dragon
  • SafeCig
  • Smart Smoker
  • Smok
  • Smoke 51
  • Smoke Assist
  • Smokeless Delite
  • Smokeless Me
  • SmokeStik
  • Smoking Everywhere
  • Southbeach Smoke
  • Totally Wicked
  • Vapor King
  • Vapor Pro
  • Vapor 4 Life
  • White Cloud
  • ZeroCig
  • Bullsmoke
  • Starfire

Cost of e Cigarettes

The Cost of e cigarettes can vary by brand as well as by the e cigarette model or design. Often times, reputable e cigarette manufacturers will offer beginner kits (Starter Kits) for first time users or for someone looking for a complete e system to get started. Additional options such as accessories, charging packs and bundles can affect the pricing as well. Most people find that using e cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes can save a lot of money over time although the basic start up cost for a complete kit can range from $20 to $200 depending on the model and what all is included. It is best to check around and research multiple e cigarette brands by visiting their websites and reading through e cigarette reviews. Over time, the cost of e cigarettes can be reduced through refill systems.